Avasco water storage

At any time, an industrial estate must have the necessary water supply for fire protection. Avasco Water Storage builds and installs bolted sprinkler water tanks. As a total partner, we're also the single point of contact for tank inspections and refurbishments and every link of these processes is managed in-house. We're also happy to be your partner for the construction of storage tanks for process water or other liquids.

+ 30

years of experience

3.500 m3

maximum capacity of a water tank

+ 100

tanks a year on average

Our services


New constructions

A reliable, solid and affordable water supply solution for sprinkler systems or process water. Custom-made to the requirements and to your available space. 



A new coating that protects the tank wall from corrosion? Avasco cleans and refurbishes your tank thoroughly and with lasting results.



Our inspector checks and evaluates the condition of your water tank with our underwater robot. Meticulous and transparent. Avasco takes care of the B-inspection (after five years) and the C-inspection (after 10 years).

From flatpack from our own production to a ready-to-use tank on your site takes about one week.

Axel Lamote, BU-manager Water Storage


Engineering, production and construction teams

Thanks to the high level of vertical integration, Avasco Water Storage is able to respond very quickly to any request. Barely a day after you place your order, we're already processing the water tank production file and the engineering, production and installation sequence starts. Always with a focus on quality and service.