Innovation through metal sheet processing

Avasco Industries has more than 60 years of experience in specialised metal sheet processing. This makes the group a leading manufacturer of metal shelving, sprinkler tanks and a supplier to numerous industries.

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The three Avasco 


Metal shelving for household, office and warehouse use

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Reliable delivery to your production process

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Bolted water tanks custom-made for your project

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Our philosophy

Passion for metal

We're metal sheet processing experts through and through. Turning a complex request into a made-to-measure bespoke product: that's what we do every day.

Experts in mid-sized and large series

Our machinery and workflow are focused on developing and producing mid-sized to large series.

The best solution for every request

By optimising concepts and perfectly aligning materials, design and finish, we arrive at the best option every single time.

Long-term partnerships

Our customers are our partners. We know their preferences and respect them. This ensures a long-term partnership.


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Factory of the Future

Avasco Industries is working on the future. Through small changes, big dreams and ambitions. Our mission is to become a Factory of the Future in the short term. To achieve this, we're investing in a fully automatic warehouse with integrated engineering and a circular philosophy. A paperless factory where innovation and digitisation drive optimisation.

Because we relish a healthy challenge and ambitious deadlines, we're aiming for 2025 to effectively obtain the Factory of the Future label.